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Rotofan System
The High Pressure Water Tool for the cleaning of pipes, removal of total blockages, descaling of Mill-Scale, Corrosion, Rubber-Layers etc as well as 100% cleaning of the inner surfaces of pipes, tubes, ducts etc., Vessels and Surfaces in Industry and Municipality.
The Roto-Fan-System is a pipe-cleaning-system that is operated with up to 1,200 bars. Working Pressure, Rotation-Speed, Forward-Feed-Rate, and Working Pressure can be remotely controlled independently.
Cleaning Speed
By means of the rotation of the High Pressure Hose combined with the synchronized feed rate and a jet-optimized nozzle the cleaning-speed against the conventional techniques is increased up to a factor of 20.
Negotiating of Bends
The System is extremely flexible in negotiating bends. Up to 20 pieces of 90° elbows have been cleaned in one single shot. Under certain circumstances the System can clean 600 m of pipeline in one shot.
Scope of Applications
The System is operated with flexible special hoses. The Pipe dimensions for the System range between 10 and 5000 mm in diameter.

Additional information


Rotocar: L=850 W: 510 H=380
Clamp set: L=1100 W: 150 H=150


Roto car: 57 kg
Clamp set: 19 kg

Max water temp


Air motor model

Gast 4AM (max air pressure: 7 bar)


Hub City 215 Type A
Reduction 60:1


1400 bar (20 000 PSI)


190 l/min (50gpm)



Rotating speed

20-300rpm (adjustable with air pressure)

Inlet connection

1/2" BSP

Outlet connection


Length protecting hose