Flushing Rigs & Particle Counters

Many equipment failures are a result of oil or lube system contamination, the elimination of these contaminates is possible with the use of specialist equipment. Proserv specialises in new-build sale, rental and aftermarket services of flushing and fluid cleanliness equipment. We offer a wide range of general purpose and zone rated flushing units / flushing rigs with diesel-engine drive and electrical drive options and laboratory and portable particle counters for offshore and onshore use, enabling clients to control, monitor, measure and report during testing and maintenance activities.

We provide complete service packages, providing personnel and equipment for:

• Flushing and System Testing
• Fluid Filtering and Cleanliness Measurement Equipment
• Cleanliness Verification to the appropriate standard
• ISO 4406:1999
• NAS 1638
• SAE 4059D
• De-Watering and Drying of Hygroscopic Fluids

Flushing Rigs & Units
HIAC PODS+ Particle Counters
PAMAS Particle Counters

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