HIAC PODS+ Particle Counters

Proserv offers a fleet of Particle Counters to rent or purchase, that measure fluid cleanliness and optimise flushing time to compliment maintenance programmes.

The systems we provide are capable of certifying fluid cleanliness to any international standard or classification that you require.

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Key Features


Portable Liquid Particle Counter:

  • 9 channels
  • 15, 30 and 50 mL/min fixed flow rates
  • Sample volume – 5mL to 50mL programmable
  • Fluid temp range from 0˚ C and 90˚ C (32˚F to 194˚F) when ambient temperature is 25˚C (77˚F)
  • Viscosity range:
  • 1 to 425cSt with shop air pressure at 100 psig
  • 1 to 150 cSt with internal pump
  • Dimensions – 20.3 x 32.0 x 42.5cm (8.0 x 12.62 x 16.75in)
    PODS+: 9.2 kg (20.1 lb)
    PODS+ with moisture sensor: 9.6 kg (21.0 lb)
    Reporting standards:
    ISO 4406
    NAS 1638
    SAE AS4059
    NAVAIR 01-1A-17
    DEFSTAN 91-91
    GOST 17216-2001
    ASTM D7619-12
    User specified
    Raw Counts


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