Yokogawa 4100E/6100E/8100E

Proserv Data loggers are a self-contained four, six or eight channel device comprising a 200mm-strip chart recorder built into a rugged transit case.  All mains and input connections are made on the front of the instrument via either the two pin plugs or the military sockets.

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Key Features

  • Colour analog recording in up to 12 colours
  • As simple to use as an analog pen recorder
    The series offers easy dialog-based operation on a large vacuum-tube fluorescent display and multiple display functions
  • Wealth of digital printing and analog recording functions
    Packed with digital printing functions, including zone recording, partial compression and enlargement recording, a rapid pen response of 1600 mm/s and a phase synchronisation function, the series captures the target event faithfully, records it, and makes playback easy
  • Multiple measurement type
    The series offers DC voltage, thermocouple, and RTD universal inputs, computation functions, IC memory card, a 3.5-inch FDD, and application software to cover every type of measurement
  • Windows 95 (32-bit) application software
    Yokogawa’s genuine software lets you set the measurement range and recording conditions, control the motion of the pen such as pen up/down, and record and analyse the data on a PC

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