Yokogawa GX20

The GX20 is a paperless recorder that displays real-time measured data on a touch screen and saves data on an external storage medium (SD card).

This is the next generation in the data logging portfolio and offers all the key features including paperless logging and great user friendly interphase controls.

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Key Features

  • The number of analog input is a maximum of 100 channels in GX10 with expandable I/O, a maximum of 100 channels in GX20 standard type (hereafter referred to as “GX20-1”) with expandable I/O, and a maximum of 450* channels in GX20 large memory type (hereafter referred to as “GX20-2”) with expandable I/O. * Max. number of input/output channels is 500 channels
  • The GX10/GX20 have the large internal memory (GX10/GX20-1: 500MB, GX20-2: 1.2 GB), and prolonged record and preservation are possible.
  • As the input signal, a DC voltage, thermocouple, resistance temperature detector, DI (DCV input (TTL), contact signal), mA (DC current), or Pulse input can be set to each channel
  • Input and output have module structure and it can extend them easily. (GX10: max. 3*, GX20: max. 10*) * In case of using expandable I/O, GX10 can extend two units, GX20 can extend 9 units
  • A module type is five types, an analog input, a digital input, a digital output, a digital input/output, and a pulse input
  • A maximum of six units of expandable I/O can be connected to GX10/GX20. Each expandable I/O can incorporate a maximum of six modules. With expandable I/O connected, GX10 and the large memory type GX20 can use multiple channels. Furthermore, the I/O ports can be installed in separate locations from where GX10/GX20 is located, helping you reduce wiring requirements and build a decentralized configuration
  • The intuitive operation by flick, pinch in, and pinch out are possible
  • The past trend under recording can be seamlessly displayed on a trend screen
  • Moreover, the measurement data of the time specified on the calendar screen can be searched and displayed
  • Various functions, such as a freehand message, a PDF/Excel output of a report file, a direct output to a network printer, a scale movement of a trend display, and a buzzer, are equipped
  • It can be hooked up to network via Ethernet, which enables to inform by Email and to monitor on Web site as well as to transfer files by using FTP. Also, it can communicate with Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP
  • A setup of GX can be performed on-line from the web browser on PC. A setup by off-line is also possible
  • Universal Viewer software allows a PC to display waveforms on its screen and to print out waveforms
  • The measuring accuracies noted in the general specifications have a margin of error that takes into account the product’s components and the equipment used for adjustment and testing

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